About Us


Lift The Standards, Empower Lives.
To support and include everyone and anyone,
To those who never want to compromise style, comfort or function,
To help empower lives to reach their full potential.
Vaultage was created by the people, who live and breathe fitness wear on a daily. We constantly chase the idea of creating limitless functional apparel for the everyday go-getter whilst never compromising style, comfort or durability.
Why Vaultage?
Inspired by the power of "Voltage" and "Vault", Vaultage was born.
Vault ;
The leap of faith, ensuring that no obstacle is too high for us to overcome.
Voltage ;
The potential force needed for an electrical charge.
In our daily lives, we constantly feel drained, be it from meetings and what not. We aim to empower our community with the ability to charge through life.
Make Vaultage your reality.