About Us


Lift The Standards, Empower Lives.
To support and include everyone and anyone,
To those who never want to compromise style, comfort or function,
To help empower lives to reach their full potential.
Vaultage was created by the people, who live and breathe fitness wear on a daily. We constantly chase the idea of creating limitless functional apparel for the everyday go-getter whilst never compromising style, comfort or durability.

Vaultage is mostly a passion project. 

It is rare to find activewear designed by people who actually live in them on a daily basis for years on end. We believe you gotta live the lifestyle before truly understanding the product.

 Co-founder & designer, Amanda has been in the fitness industry for many years, experimenting many top brands and have also studied fashion design for some part of her life. She understands the pains of having activewear that just does not seem to fit right or flatter the body well.

We are always striving to keep bringing in functional yet unique pieces that you won’t see anywhere else - tweaking our designs to fit you better. These processes has taken us months to years of sampling and testing before launching designs that would fit you.

We are proud to be exclusively designed in Singapore, #trulylocal.



To fill in the gaps of what we want in activewear that we cannot find elsewhere.
Every single review, purchase and share, means the world to us.
To be different, upfront and unapologetic.
Lifting the standards through activewear, one step at a time.